20 Most Common Questions Asked by Non Muslim About Islam

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Misconceptions about Islam arise in the minds of a majority of non-Muslims because they are constantly being bombarded with misinformation about Islam. International media controlled by the western world, whether it is international satellite channels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, or books. Even so-called ‘local’ newspapers in Muslim countries buy news from the same sources that feed these news channels. As to why Islam and Muslims are being misrepresented, and by whom, is a subject on its own. What is clear is that non-Muslims who live among Muslims even in Muslims countries, would find it hard to match facts on the ground with what they read or hear from ‘official’ news channels. Recently the internet has become a powerful medium of information. Though it is not directly controlled by anybody, one finds a large amount of virulent propaganda about Islam and Muslims, but they are far behind as compared to the propaganda against Islam.

The following twenty most common questions about Islam are widespread. There may be additional common questions depending upon locality and culture.

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